More Lego …

The post before got me sparked to list all the lego-inspired gadgets I came across in the past.

Lego Gadgets

Lego earplugs

Lego USB hubs

Lego Calculator

Lego Calendar

Lego Audio

Lego WalkieTalkie

Lego + JC de Castelbajac

Lego + JC de Castelbajac

Lego + JC de Castelbajac

Lego + Balenciaga

Marc Jacobs Spring 2008 runway featuring Dee and Ricky's lego designs

Kanye West and Gym Class Heroes frontman Travis McCoy rocking the same Dee & Ricky Lego Heart Pin

Lego Sneakers

Lego Belt

Lego Wallet

Lego Earrings

Lego ring

Lego hairpin

Lego bowtie

Lego Cufflinks

Lego Cookie Cutter

Lego ice cube tray

Lego candle

Lego Kitchen

Lego storage seat

David Cole’s Taxidermy-Free LEGO Deer Head Gives Bambi a Break

Lego wall and radiator cover

Lego Sofa

And last but not least, you can actually build music instruments out of legos that actually work!

Lego Cello

Lego or how imagination is triggered and built by bricks

Love the new Lego Campaign. I still remember our big box of Lego at home and how my brother and I used to build whatever crossed our mind with these tiny colourful bricks. Lego really captured their brand essence in these ads and inspires small and big kids to get creative again and let their imagination fly wild.

Of SwissMiss, Sandwiches and Spot Challenges

One of my favourite Design Blogs is SwissMiss (and not only because she’s also Swiss). She has this great mix of design-art-whimsy-objects-furniture-fonts-etc. This Mondrian inspired Sandwich might just be the best thing for “Morgenmuffel” (there just isn’t a good translation for that)-artsy person to wake-up to.

And this might be something for the “hit every Damien HirstLarry Gagosian Gallery around the world – Complete Spot Challenge” adventurer.

Needless to say, if I had the necessary petty cash lying around, I would already have hit half of them by mid-week.  Gosh, am I envious of Cristina Ruiz of the Art Newspaper. Not only does she work for an amazing institution, but on top of it, the Challenge is paid for by it. But unlike the crème de la crème of the art world who would have to shell out $108,572 for a 19-day luxury itinerary as calculated by Reuters, she is not flying first class and tries to do the challenge with as little money as possible.

Update: Participants who have finished the Spot Challenge will receive their Spot Painting end of September 2012, see Cristina Ruiz’s article on the Art Newspaper.


High Noon for Tea Fashionistas

Talking about Cream Tea… Afternoon Tea at the Berkeley London, an absolute must for all fashionistas that love afternoon tea or tea lovers that happen to be fashionistas. Trip to London, jotted down for 2012.

On the mouth-watering menu (in a fashionable gourmestatic way, of course):

  • Valentino orange and ginger clutch cake closed with oversized chocolate bow
  • Bottega Veneta colour blocking pink and gold pear mousse and clementine cremeux coat with matching macaroon button
  • Dolce & Gabbana signature gold starred chocolate éclair dress filled with hazelnut cream
  • Stella McCartney must-have polka dot sponge cake dress
  • Burberry Prorsum stylish black and white double breasted chocolate biscuit coat with snow white vanilla icing
  • Miu Miu winter spice glittery high-heeled shoe biscuit
  • Jill Sander pomegranate and grenadine mousse dress topped with colourful chocolate flower pattern
  • Lanvin show-stopping cassis bavarois dress with crème de mûre jelly topped with signature folded meringue
  • Sonia Rykiel striped chestnut cream and almond sponge cake dress complete with trendy metallic sparkles

UPDATE: Just booked a table in the Caramel Room for the Prêt a Portea in June 2012, yeah!