Dim Sum in Quito

stunning dim sum restaurant in Quito by architecture firm hou de sousa.


Somewhere over the Garden Bridge


I really hope this proposal from Thomas Heatherwick will see the light of day. So beautiful. Just imagine, crossing the Thames by walking through the Sherwood Forest;)

Great Design Kickstarter Projects

I am madly in love with Kickstarter. Love the concept and love the products that can be achieved via crowdsourcing. It’s a great way to test marketability of your product, if you don’t make the pledge amount, well, maybe your product was not meant to be or too early or you were not able to convey the added value of it to your public.

I just signed up for these two great projects:

I work a lot with colours, having a portable version of a color capturer is absolutely great. Looking foward to use the SwatchMate Color Capturing Cube!


The other amazing project is a little helper for bikes. Having lived for a longtime in a very hilly city (yeah Lausanne, that’s where the best female bike messenger comes from;)) I can only attest to the comfort and peace it gives you not to arrive drenched in sweat at work or home. Yes, I am a leisure biker;)

And even works with Pebble, another great Kickstarter Project I backed and now am a proud owner of a white Pebble.

And a great perk, you can lock the wheel from your mobile. Not that this would prevent anybody from stealing your whole bike, but nice little perk;)

Let me know if you have any other great kickstarter projects you backed. Curious by nature;)


Xmas present for the boo

Not sure how happy he’d be about it, but it’s for sure a conversation starter;)

And this reminds me of this tumblr, what boyfriends don’t do for their girlfriends, must be love;)

Looking at this, there should also be a tumblr for sad etsy Kids…

And sad etsy pets…

LOL! Princess Leila!