Of SwissMiss, Sandwiches and Spot Challenges

One of my favourite Design Blogs is SwissMiss (and not only because she’s also Swiss). She has this great mix of design-art-whimsy-objects-furniture-fonts-etc. This Mondrian inspired Sandwich might just be the best thing for “Morgenmuffel” (there just isn’t a good translation for that)-artsy person to wake-up to.

And this might be something for the “hit every Damien HirstLarry Gagosian Gallery around the world – Complete Spot Challenge” adventurer.

Needless to say, if I had the necessary petty cash lying around, I would already have hit half of them by mid-week.  Gosh, am I envious of Cristina Ruiz of the Art Newspaper. Not only does she work for an amazing institution, but on top of it, the Challenge is paid for by it. But unlike the crème de la crème of the art world who would have to shell out $108,572 for a 19-day luxury itinerary as calculated by Reuters, she is not flying first class and tries to do the challenge with as little money as possible.

Update: Participants who have finished the Spot Challenge will receive their Spot Painting end of September 2012, see Cristina Ruiz’s article on the Art Newspaper.


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