Day of Work

Visually impressive demonstration of italian workers in the construction industry, crippled by the recession, to express ‘la giornata della collera’ – ‘the day of anger’ back in February 2013.

“In front of the milan stock exchange workers, laborers, clerks, surveyors, architects and real estate agents brought attention to a sector that in the past five years, according to data from the center for economic research and market sociology, has lost 157 million companies as well as 893 million employees.”



Lego or how imagination is triggered and built by bricks

Love the new Lego Campaign. I still remember our big box of Lego at home and how my brother and I used to build whatever crossed our mind with these tiny colourful bricks. Lego really captured their brand essence in these ads and inspires small and big kids to get creative again and let their imagination fly wild.