Fresh! Color POP!

Love these vibrant colours. And look at these lashes! Just the right vibe to start the weekend! Let the sunshine!

Quirky color splash

What is not to love about the happy quirky photographs of colorful jelly beans encased in real beans, sour-tongue leek, sprinkles broccoli and the like. Sure one way to make children eat their veggies. I am so in love with this pictures, giving off this feel-good vibe that I actually want to live in Wendy Van Santen     ‘s candy-hued technicolor photographic world.

Wendy Van SantenWendy Van Santen IIWendy Van Santen I

Illustration for an article on “Disco Science”

Wendy Van Santen - Disco Science

For Amsterdam – IVF-Doctor    Wendy Van Santen _ Amsterdam IVF Doctor II Wendy Van Santen _ Amsterdam IVF Doctor

Keep Cool “Freitag-style”

The ideas from the Freitag team to survive the heatwave that hits Switzerland these days  had me laughing;)

Freitag TeamFreitag TeamFreitag Team

Personally I am sweating away in an office without aircon or ventilators. I guess I should just bring a towel and call it a sauna, going forth and back between the office and the kitchen sink…

What are your ideas to keep cool?