Ashamed to walk around with your PQ*?

In case you are a bit like me, meaning that you don’t like to go buy toilet paper or *PQ in French (for papier de cul) and walk around the city with it, you might like the Jonathan Adler covers. I admit, you would have to buy a lot of covers to camouflage the family pack of 24 rolls. On the other hand, if you have a better half with a smaller PQ-complexe, you can just use the covers as decoration in your toilet at home and colour-up a bit that silent place of contemplation.

Go green: Grocery List Shopping Tote

Swiss and European Supermarkets have been encouraging grocery shoppers to go green for some time now. They could take some creative inspiration from Leo Burnett and Tide in the UAE, though. The tote that doubles as grocery list is quite quirky, functional and useful. How about wax-cloth next time? That way you don’t need to wash your tote (with Tide, I assume) after every shopping trip. 

My favourite Fashion Blogs I follow plus a giveaway Balenciaga Bag from

I tried and followed a couple of blogs but my absolute favs so far are the following:

Cupcakes and Cashmere Emily is absolutely gorgeous, and she cooks, and bakes, and does DIY-projects, and, and, and. She inspires not only my wardrobe but also my kitchen.

FashionChalet Erika Marie mixes low- and high-end items and looks absolutely fab in everything she wears. Plus, she’s giving away a Balenciaga bag! Check it out here

FashionSquad I wish I had a Mattias;) He takes amazing pictures of Carolina Engman, who looks oh so effortless in all her sophisticated outfits.

The Glamourai Kelly Framel is absolutely gorgeous and I love her urban yet glamourous vibe.

From Me To You How amazing are those Cinemagraphs! Jamie looks so much like a Hollywood Diva of those glamourous times à la Rita Hayworth. I love her Movie+Dinner inspirations and her pics are absolutely eye-catching.

Sea of Shoes Fresh, young and colourful, that’s how it feels when I scroll through Jane Aldridge’s blog;) I love her … inspired collages.

Stylebubble Oh Susie! How do I love your style! If only I was Asian (I dreamt of Asian eyes ever since I was 3 years old, pulling back my eyes so they would stay that way). Somehow only you can pull off those crazy pattern mixes that are absolutely stunning.

Chicmuse Denni has this Rockstar-Model attitude that translates amazingly in all her pictures. I am still impressed that she wore her Prada’s in the woods;)

Styleseeking Zürich Because Neslihan & Mi-Ji are based in Switzerland and they put together amazing looks that are wearable in CH.

Obsessed with Spikes

Ever since I saw the Christian Louboutin Rollerball Spiked Loafers I am obsessed with them. At first, I was not sure if I could pull them off in CH. Than there was the price question. They are Louboutins after all and come with a nice price tag attached to them… Then I came upon these grey ones at Femina Code, a shop in Lausanne. Unfortunately their 40 was a tad too small. So I started researching and found these black ones on Romwe, but only available up to 39. Guess my quest for spiked Loafers will continue…