Nail the Catwalk

Stunning! I would love to find such a gifted nail artist like Miss Ladyfinger here in Switzerland.

Birds of Aperture

I absolutely love the concept by Paul Octavious. Giving wings to old photographic equipment, let your pictures and impressions fly away, far away to a land full of candy cotton. Pictures look so poetic…

Splash Fashion

I absolutely love this collaboration by SHOWstudio, entitled Splash! For this project, Nick Knight captured Daphne Guinness, on high speed camera, being splashed with black and clear water.  Couturier Iris Van Herpen then created a one-of-a-kind dress based on the shoot, which Knight again shot as Guinness modeled.  Representing the Splash! project in moving image in sound, Sonomorphic Mirror has been created by filmmaker Geoffrey Lillemon and sound designer Salvador Breed.  Lillemon carefully crafted the piece from thousands of stills captured by Knight, to which Breed added the gorgeous soundscape.