It Jewels

Can you guess which it bags act like background for these stunning jewels?

Jewellery Storage

Over the years, I amassed an impressive  collection of mostly fashion jewellery, also due to the fact that I just can’t bring myself to throw anything away. I end up not wearing a piece for a certain time and rediscover it to fall head over heels in love again. Unfortunately, I like big bulky jewellery and have not found yet a good way of displaying them (my flat is not that big) or to store them. As a temporary solution I am using tool boxes with lots of tiny drawers. Not very stylish but it keeps necklaces from tangling up in one big hot mess. I am still looking for the perfect jewellery storage…

Nose First

The story behind Cameo by RUX is as romantic as it gets. Way beyond the classic beauty in a little blue box. Shopping for a wedding band with his wife, he was inspired to create one-off personal Jewellery. I guess my profile would be a bit edgier, let’s say I have a very personal nose…

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