Superhero Superbag

Don’t we all wanna be a superhero from our favourite Cartoon? I of course would already by happy to be Totoro, but won’t say no to this fab bag.

Clutch Calligraphy

I saw clutches from the Designer Dareen Hakim over at Boticca and totally fell in love with her clutches. Aren’t they amazing with the Arabe engravings?! Hopefully my friend H can soon say mabrook to me;)


Unmess your mess

Love the cute little helpers. I would need those for labeling cables etc. that I take off devices and a couple of weeks later I don’t know anymore which cable goes where or I can’t find the one that goes with this or that. I still can’t find the Mini-USB cable to connect to the HP-Wireless Printer thingy. In the meantime I bought a printer with built-in wifi, much easier than searching.