Where is Sunburnt-Me?


Love how whimsical the people suddenly look in west hollywood-based photographer gray malin’s bird’s eye view images in his series ‘à la plage, à la piscine.

While Malin’s pictures look like manmade doll arrangements, these pictures are fare more scary and claustrophobic.

The advance of the African Continent

Africa’s influence and importance can be felt more and more, especially in fashion. While Marc by Marc Jacobs SS 2010 Collection already lead the way (yes, and YSL well before that), this years fashion shows have almost all picked up something tribal. With the Marni for H&M Collection, African “Pagne” have also received the seal of high street approval. It’s funny to think that when I was wearing my bf’s large shorts made of a beautiful and colourful pagne ivoirien two years ago, people were staring at me while just a week ago they were storming H&M to snap up one of Marni’s african inspired designs. 

On my shopping list ...